Thursday, July 24, 2014

McCreath joins NL Provincial Conservative Party - Supports Steve Kent

What a difference a day makes! With the withdrawal of Frank Coleman from the NL Conservative leadership race, the initial race was cancelled, given that all three candidates had been removed in some way or form. This opened the door for a reboot, in which three new candidates have come forward.  I am excited to see Steve Kent throw his name in the hate for this. I have so much respect and appreciation for what Kent brings to the table, that I have officially jumped off the fence, and joined the NL provincial Conservative party, so that I may support Steve.

Last night, I ran as a candidate at the leadership convention delegate selection meeting for the riding of St. John's North, the riding in which I live. While I was not successful winning one of the seats, I was victorious in one of the 'alternate delegate' slots. This means that I have the right to attend the convention in September, and should some of the delegates no-show or withdraw, I may find myself stepping in and given the opportunity to vote in the leadership. (depicted, me at the St. John's North meeting).

It may come as a surprise to many of my loyal followers, that I would join the party which has caused me so much anguish over the years, but this is what politics is all about. You never know when things will change. The past in in the past, and the people who I had issues with, for the most part, have left Government. 

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