Wednesday, August 7, 2013

NAPE files Grievance for McCreath! 8/7/2013

A big thanks to NAPE (Newfoundland Association of Public Employees) for their help this week in seeing that a Grievance is filed on my behalf, over the Department of Municipal Affairs' Fire and Emergency Services office's refusal to hire me, even though I had won a recent job competition.

This marks the second consecutive job interview with the Newfoundland provincial public service, for which I was declared the winner of the competition, yet the Department decided to invoke an override clause to not hire me.  The grievance issue here, is that they have not provided valid justification for the override. I would have grieved the previous competition; however, I missed the time limit to grieve, given what I felt was inaccurate appeal and investigative information, by the Public Service Commission, at the time.

While nothing has been proven yet, the fact that NAPE is filing the grievance, gives me clear demonstration of their trust and support.  This also demonstrates that there may indeed be a case here.

I will keep this blog updated with more information on this matter, as it becomes available.


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