Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Great Big Sea Rocks George Street! - My Report from Duckworth Street! lol

Well, Great Big Sea is so popular, that they had to turn many folks away at the door who were looking for last-minute tickets for the George Street Festival finale. But that didn't stop me from 'listening' to the concert, live from neighbouring Duckworth Street. Unable to get inside George Street, which had been fenced off for the festival, I and several other would-be concert goers, got the unique experience of standing behind the fence (which was covered over completely by a tarp, so we couldn't see the band, except if we peeked through the holes and gaps) to hear the show, even though we couldn't really see the show.

What made this concert attendance even more unique for me, was that I managed to attend on my lunch break, while working a 12 hour over-night shift! I made arrangements to take my breaks all together, and early in the shift, so that I could be downtown for the 9.25 pm - 11.00 pm set of the band.  Although I was upset that I didn't actually get inside to see the show, I was more than happy to listen to it for free, from just outside the venue. There was still a fun atmosphere, as there were over 100 people standing with me outside the fence, doing the same thing. People were literally dancing on the sidewalks all night and singing along.

Great Big Sea is perhaps Newfoundland's best-known internationally acclaimed music group, boasting over 20 years of experience that includes the release of 9 studio albums, 3 compilation albums, and 3 live albums. They have placed 3 tunes in the top ten charts for Canadian Adult Contemporary, as well as an additional top ten hit on the Canadian Rock Charts. Their hits include Ordinary Day, When I'm Up, and Consequence Free. They are also well known for contributing their tune Oh Yeah, as the official theme music for CBC hit television crime drama, Republic of Doyle - a show which was actually named after lead singer Alan Doyle, who has guest starred in several episodes as an actor.

As someone who has called Newfoundland home since 2007, I feel a major bucket list item has been checked off for me, that being - attending a Great Big Sea concert here at home. Interestingly enough, the only other time I attended them live, was back in 2000 in Toronto, when they opened for Sting on his Brand New Day tour. Obviously, the next time they play a gig here at home, I will be sure to buy a ticket well in advance!

Set list:

August 6, 2013, Great Big Sea on stage 9.25 pm

Ordinary Day
Donkey Riding
The Night Pat Murphy Died
Nothing But a Song
When I'm Up
Goin' Up
Concerning Charlie Horse
Good People
When I Am King
Safe Upon the Shore
Scolding Wife
Let My Love Open the Door (Pete Townsend cover)
Sea of No Cares
Helmet head
Consequence Free
Run Runaway (Slade cover)


Live this Life
Old Black Rum
Wave over Wave

Great Big Sea off stage 10.58 pm

photo credit to @SeaheadsXX

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