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BREAKING NEWS: McCreath Back in St. John's Election Race!

BREAKING NEWS: McCreath Back in St. John's Election Race! Will Run for Deputy Mayor!

After news broke last week that Jennifer McCreath was unable to find people able to nominate her for political office, and was forced to bow out of the race, a huge level of outreach shortly occurred. Jennifer is pleased to announce that she is re-entering the race and will formally sign nomination papers Tuesday August 26, 2013 at a 10.30 am meeting at City Hall.  Furthermore, Jennifer will be running for the position of Deputy Mayor.

Jennifer received a wave of public outreach, from a variety of public figures, including three other people already running in the election, as well as a prominent radio talk show host. Officially lined up to sign the papers will be Ward 2 Candidate Andrew Harvey, and Animal-Rights Advocate Carolyn Snow. Jennifer also received confirmation that Ward 3 candidate Walter Harding, Ward 4 candidate Bernard Davis, and former MHA and current VOCM talk-show host Bill Rowe were all willing to nominate her. "After a very emotional time last week, it's flattering to see so many highly-respected people step up to the plate and say they want to see me on the ballot," McCreath said.

Jennifer says that a formal campaign launch event will be organized for Friday August 30, although she will be prepared to make a brief statement, and take any questions, from any interested media entities, after her nomination meeting concludes. She will also be launching a website, later this week.

Jennifer looks forward to adding to the diversity among the list of candidates, and hopes to raise issues that are important to many people who shy away from voting because they don't feel politicians can understand them, "Ironically, I think the majority of the electorate can relate to me in many ways, and I think I can relate to them. I've had experience negotiating Government red tape and I know what it's like to be part of the working class, who lives pay cheque to pay cheque," said McCreath.

McCreath also feels it is important to offer the voters a choice, "Many people have told me that they do not like the idea of anyone getting acclaimed. The voters deserve a choice, and a choice they will get! I have tons of respect for Ron Ellsworth, but at the same time, I think I bring a variety of skill sets and experiences to the table that he doesn't."

McCreath also hopes to raise the profile of seemingly oppressed minority groups. She identifies as a lesbian and also has a transgender medical history, and she has spent many years undertaking activism work to help ensure equality for all. "While global statistics state that 10% of society is LGBT, judging by the small numbers of people attending LGBT events, such as Pride Week, it would appear that a large majority of this community is still private and closeted," McCreath said.

McCreath also wants to act as a beacon for other LGBT people to step up to the plate and take a leadership role in making this city safer and better for all, "I was totally shocked to learn of an apparent gay-bashing violent assault that took place here in this City earlier this month. While I may not be the most-liked member of the local LGBT community, I want to step up to the plate and be a voice for them all. I do not want LGBT people to live in fear. I also want to demonstrate that the sky is the limit. Some people may say that I have no chance of winning a seat in this election, but I'm here to show that the time is now, for members of our community to step up to the plate and seek leadership roles in our City," McCreath said.

McCreath moved to St. John's in 2007 to take a job overseeing an Information Privacy review program for the Provincial Government's IT Department. Jenn has also done policy analysis work for the Ontario Seniors Secretariat, the Ontario Ministry of Consumer & Business Services. She also has front line operational experience as an Employment Insurance Claims processor for the Federal Government, as well as her current occupation, a telephone agent in the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary's 911 Call Centre. McCreath has also worked in the private sector, both in the banking industry, and retail hardware.

While perhaps best-known for her outspoken activism for transgender rights, McCreath has also made headlines as an athlete. She has run 30 Marathons, including 2 Boston Marathons and 5 Newfoundland Provincial Championship Marathons. She has also run the infamous Cape to Cabot race 5 times.

Jennifer has a variety of volunteer and non-profit leadership work experiences, having been the founder and original Head of Corporate Management for St. John's Pride Inc., as well as the founder of grassroots movement, the Newfoundland Animal Appreciation Society. Jennifer is also no stranger to civil activism, having delivered passionate speeches at public rallies, including the 2009 G20-protest and the 2011 Bill 29 protest.

She plans to campaign on issues that include improving access to low-cost housing, improving public transit, better snow removal from sidewalks, smart development in and outside of the city, better relations with neighbouring cities and other levels of government, improved citizen engagement strategies and a focus on a government being transparent and accountable, crack down on violent crime and dangerous traffic, and putting efforts into preserving the clean fresh lakes, ponds and green spaces in our City. More information can be found about her platform at her blog

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