Thursday, June 6, 2013

McCreath slams Newfoundland feminists re sexist hospital comments 6/6/13

Radical feminism is a poison often considered equally as bad as homophobia and transphobia. Pre-judging someone strictly based on their sex, gender, or both, is discrimination from every angle. After seeing a story on the news in which an apparent social activist for women's rights, made what I felt were inappropriate sexist comments, I tweet in the line as depicted in the photo. Shortly therafter, I followed up by creating a vlog here, where I slams feminists who have stated they'd rather sleep in a hospital hall way rather than share a room with a man, even on a short-term temporary basis.

June 7, 2013 Update - reaction to this news story over the past 24 hours, for the most part, has supported my stance and condemned Denise's comments. I did a follow-up vlog here, today.


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