Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 2013 Running Stats

June 2013 Running Stats

06/01/2013 sat 3.30 km

06/02/2013 sun off
06/03/2013 mon 5.50
06/04/2013 tues 7.00
06/05/2013 wed 7.50
06/06/2013 thur off
06/07/2013 fri off
06/08/2013 sat 0.40

06/06/2013 sun off
06/10/2013 mon off
06/11/2013 tues off
06/12/2013 wed 6.60
06/13/2013 thu 1.40
06/14/2013 fri off
06/15/2013 sat off

06/16/2013 sun 1.00
06/17/2013 mon off
06/18/13 tues off
06/19/13 wed off
06/20/13 thurs off
06/21/13 fri 17.70
06/22/2013 sat off

06/23/2013 sun off
06/24/2013 mon 8.60
06/25/2013 tue 6.60
06/26/2013 wed 0.40
06/27/2013 thur off
06/28/2013 fri off
06/29/2013 sat 2.00

06/30/2013 sun 3.00

81.6 k month
838.1 km year to date

Well, June was a rather miserable month, as I dealt with nagging injuries, a nasty flu bug, and overall lack of energy. But from a macro-perspective, it's been a decent 6 months. I ran 838k and I lost 30 pounds. While I have still fallen way short of the goals I had in mind for this point of the year, I am well on my way to having my best running year since 2010.

It will still be my intention to run the Tely 10 Miler, the Provincial Marathon, and the Cape to Cabot 20k, later this year.


torontonorth said...

hey Jennifer, congrats on a slow steady weight loss this year. Seems running has taken a low priority for you - I imagine since you aren't having much success with consistency or building your mileage. I can't believe you even record .4km as a run - that's not even stretching out your legs for goodness sake. Anyhow, it's obvious you aren't serious about it and that you live in the past. maybe it's time to really hang up the shoes and look for another activity (besides twitter) to get in shape? you had some success at swimming - why not jump back in? Your weight and lack of core strength will guarantee continued injuries and will keep you from any improvement, so why not work on that first? I think a marathon attempt any time this year is futile - unless you plan to finish in six hours, so dial it back, and be honest about where you are. your running history i'm sorry to say is really just that - history. no longer relevant in terms of benchmarking where you are, or even what you can do. age isn't the factor - lots of people run successfully well into their 70's and beyond. your actual running achievements were pre-transition, and weren't that notable, decent, but just in the mid-pack range. so, why not a clean slate. start where you are. probably a 7.5 to 8 minute kilometer pace, and work on shorter distances to get back at it. you are definitely being foolish trying to run distances over 10k right now. anyhow, just wondering what your next step will be.

Jennifer McCreath said...

yah, the year got off to a good start with some nice progress from Jan - April, but lower back pain really became a problem in May and June. at least i am still down a net of 24 pounds, which is hugely positive news for me, given that i had gained weight consistently year after year from 2008-2012, going from 165 in my prime, up to as high as 282 on Jan 1/13.

i've still logged 864.1k this year so far, which is at least something to build upon. the fact that i can sit on the sidelines for 6 days then go out there and have a good short-middle distanced run, is a sign of at least a small amount of base-built in the tank.

running is always in my mind, but there are many other things on my plate in life that are taking a higher priority.. specifically, taking steps to mend fences and build new bridges in the local gay/lesbian community, as well as get myself respected and taken seriously as a political candidate for the fall election.

foot pain reduced me to no runs over the past 6 days, but i will likely try to get in a couple of 10ks this week, then hopefully get in a couple of 13-15k runs the following week, in hopes that i can do the 16k race at the end of the month.

yes 7-8 minute ks seems to be my regular light training speed. will try to work in a few light sprint drills and see if i can get under 7 minute ks for the run at the end. if all goes well, i will try to work in some 20-25k runs in august.

a sub-5 hour marathon at the end of sept is still not out of the realm of possibilities. but it won't happen unless i can remain injury free for the rest of the summer.. i guess time will tell.

sure, i may never regain the levels i ran as a male in 2008, but that doesn't mean i can't be proud of all i did, both on the road as a runner, and as an advocate for transgender people in sports... thanks for writing, and hope all is well!

torontonorth said...

Jennifer, you seem to have taken some good steps in your community and long term goals, so kudos to you - if you can keep going with that you'll probably gain lots in NL. Unfortunately, I still think you are setting unrealistic goals in terms of running races, and that can sideline you permanently if you're not smart. I would STRONGLY advise you to either seek a trainer that can guide you in what you need to do, or follow (without modifying) a good running program. You may have some past success, but it was partly because you were leaner, stronger, and more consistent. Unless you focus on your weak areas, you are just wasting your time running junk miles. Anyhow, it's truly up to you - you can choose to continue on this rocky path, or get back on the road to happy running. Good luck to you!