Thursday, June 27, 2013

McCreath calls for unity in 'police vs trans' Toronto Pride conflict 6/27/2013

I was excited when I first heard that the Toronto Police force wanted to march in this years Toronto Trans Pride Parade. I saw this as a sign of acceptance and validation that the Trans community has been recognized and accepted as a unique credible entity that has a purpose.

Sadly, there are a few very vocal members of the Toronto trans community who expressed objection to their involvement at the march, stating that the Police were seen as enemies, in their eyes.  While I won't doubt their claims that police have acted questionably towards members of the trans community in the past, I see this as an opportunity for a fresh start. There was a feel-good story waiting to happen here.

Unfortunately, the Police have decided to withdraw from the march, because of the concerns expressed by these minorities.  I can't help but feel saddened by this news. Toronto is supposed to be the centre of the universe, and they are supposed to be world leaders in everything that they do. But in my opinion, this is a disgraceful black eye.  I have more to say here in today's vlog.

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