Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 7, 2011 - awesome day

wow, an airport experience that actually went well! flight from st. john's to halifax totally routine. an uneventful drive to fredericton, where i will be running my 27th marathon tomorrow.

but the highlight of the day was meeting the amazing Josie, New Brunswick's most visible transperson and trans advocate. we had an awesome time hanging out and chatting about our transition journeys. we also shot a series of educational videos together, that will likely find their way to youtube very soon. i am really excited to have yet another trans friend. i have realized that this had been a major gap in my life. when i went to montreal for surgery, my life changed on more ways than one. making transwomen friends has added so much to my life. awesome to have a close circle of friends that can totally relate to each other.

anyway, the internet connectivity here at the knights inn really sucks. i had to walk all the way over to the head office to actually connect. no internet access in the hotel room. oh well, not a huge deal, but there won't be any skyping tonight..

anyway, marathon tomorrow morning, another visit with Josie afterwards, and back home on Monday.

Happy weekend!

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