Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 29, 2011 - not so hilly half!

a rare half marathon for me today. it's been a long time since i ran a race that was not 42.2k, so this brought some unique challenges and anxieties. but generally, the pressure was off and i just went out there and ran as hard and as fast as i could, at a pace i felt i could keep throughout. it was a perfect race with almost 21 identical 6 minute kms. couldn't be more pleased, especially entering with very bad knees from having done 3 fulls over the past 3 weeks! 2.05.38 was the time. splitting at exactly 1.03.00 and 1.02.38. i may write more about this run tomorrow, but wanted to post today to let everyone know i am still alive!

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