Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 18, 2011 - another quick update

mississauga marathon was awesome. i ran a 5.05.27 on tired legs, which was a drastic improvement from my 5.29.22 on so-called fresh legs a week earlier. i started the marathon by running into a good friend from California, who is a fellow 'marathon maniac.' we ran together for the first 10.5k. he going a little slower and i going a little faster than usual. 67 minutes for the first quarter gave me a good work out. i knew i would pay for that in knee pain, and i did. but i also knew i would still finish the race in 2011 record time, which i did. it's awesome to have a strong handle on where my body and fitness levels are at.

yesterday, i co-hosted a special edition of international frontrunners - a walk/run around the lake to commemorate international day against homophobia. we had a good turn out, including the newly-appointed chair of the newly-resurrected pflag canada st. john's chapter.

meanwhile, the busy work continues. halifax weekend ahead will be jam packed with events, including a networking brunch hosted by myself and my infamous trans friend Josie. then we will both be off to an event hosted by the Imperial Court - Nova Scotia chapter - a group of drag queens who raise money for charity.

i will also visit with Nova Scotia running superstat Erin Poirier, the team captain of the Love For Gambia halifax marathon fund-raising team.

i'll also have a visit with my father. looking forward to seeing him again.

more soon!

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