Monday, February 28, 2011

February 27, 2011 - back at it

Well, the antibiotic topical ointment that i got from the doc a few days age really seems to be helping. the raw and tender skin on my outer surgical site area has really improved in the healing process. i was able to run at about 70% effort today, so i ventured over to kent's pond for the first time since returning home from surgery. there was about 4 feet of snow covering the trail, and some snow piles as high as 20 feet, where it had obviously been shoveled. but it was nice to see one of my favourite sites, even if it was all snowed in. i actually walked across the ponds as the ice was clearly over a foot thick. there were several dozen ducks over by the river where water flows into the pond. afterward, i dropped into the animal shelter to visit the many young and baby cats they have available for adoption. those poor cats spend most of their time alone, so they really love human contact during visitng hours.

meanwhile, my two cats continue to love having me at home all day, as i continue to recover. i am scheduled to return to work on march 22, and at this point, it looks like i should be very close to 100% come then. i am hoping to get in light runs every day until then, as i hope to rebuild up my fitness levels to where they were before i left for surgery.

one of the highlights of my day was a phone call to my first of three roommates that i had in montreal. it had been about 3 weeks since we last spoke. we had a wonderful chat, reminising about the many laughs and inside jokes we shared. she has a similar sense of humour like i do, and loves sarcasm. oh my.. i really miss her. it was great to chat with her about the surgery recovery process too, as it seems comforting and reassuring that we are both dealing with similar issues in terms of raw skin areas, internal stitches disolving, etc.

well, after two really good sleeps, i am awake at 4.30 am and can't seem to get back to sleep. oh well, those two great sleeps were two more than i expected to have all year... lol Oh well, more time to enjoy this last day of February that we have ahead!


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