Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 13, 2011 - you can't keep a good advocate down!

Well, the past few days have been extremely challenging for me. The healing skin and stitches on the lower outter area of my surgical site, have become irritated by the constant requirement for vaginal dilation. this has caused constant pain, and makes walking, standing, and sitting, a severe challenge!

But through all of this, and even with the buzz from the somewhat helpful pain-killers, i have managed to take on and complete, a great deal of advocacy work with regards to Bill C-389, the trans human rights bill. i have recently joined a team of 17 trans people from all across Canada, who have conducted a media blitz in hopes of getting our side of the story broadcasted to the country, so everyone may become better educated about the truths and myths of what the implications would be to the trans community with or without this bill. we have all offered up our personal life stories of discrimination, in a way to illustrate the challenges we face, and the desperate need for human rights protection.

In addition, i wrote up a very detailed personal letter to 98 out of the 105 Senators in Canada (the ones who have published e-mail addresses), to demonstrate to them as to why this Bill is needed.

It will be very interesting to see if i get a response from anyone.

Meanwhile, i am trying my best not to get too frustrated at my lack of mobility. it's rather tough reading the facebook posts of my many friends and colleagues who went out for their infamous weekly long run today. oh well, my day will eventuallyt come again!

In the meantime, i am making the best of my time at home inside, enjoying the company of my two cats, and welcoming short visits from some of my friends, and enjoying corresponding by e-mail with the many new friends that i made in Montreal 2 weeks ago.

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