Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 6, 2010 - what the heck

well, i shouldn't be running on this bad foot, but i figured, what the heck? i've got a field trip on wednesday so that is sorta like a rest day from work, so i ran 39k this afternoon. including 8 laps around quidi vidi lake, where i saw two sets of baby duckies! very cute.. i also saw the infamous Goose, who was honking at some of the duckies.. lol then it was a visit to burton's pond on the way, where there is one mommy duck that has 11 babies! i also saw some of my favourite old familiar duckies. nothing like some old familiar quacking animal faces to cheer me up!

well, i hope i don't pay the price tomorrow for this run, but i actually don't feel too bad. i ran at a slightly slower than marathon pace, and took breaks to see the ducks, so i feel rather fresh. i ran i in about 4 hr 30 over a span of 5 hr 35.

well, it was 2 years ago this Tuesday that i was the runner up in the last ever Eastern Marathon in Portugal Cove, Newfoundland. i was literally in my athletic prime back then. i certainly hope that the day will come when i can get back to running at that level. i still think about that race every day. if i hadn't ran 100k the weekend prior, i can only wonder if on fresher legs, i could have held off ol' Mack to win that race. he stormed from behind to catch both me and Peter G. around the 31k mark, and he never looked back, beating me by a mere 4 minutes. ahh, the running memories.. lol


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