Sunday, June 20, 2010

June 20, 2010 - difficult week(end)

well, an adjustment to my meds on thursday afternoon lead me to suffer some major side affects (dizziness and drowsiness). this actually cost me what was my 4th sick day in 21 years, as i wasn't fit to attend work on Friday. oh, the challenges of dealing with depression and insomnia! i have since dropped down to half the dose and things seem to be better. i will be following up with the doc again this upcoming week.

i felt good on Saturday, and managed to do three awesome sets of running.. 12, 12, and 10k respectively, over the course of the day. the second set was probably my best middle-distance run of the year, as i covered the 12k in 61.30, which is well ahead of BQ pace.

today has been rather lazy. we didn't get the summery weather that we were supposed to. it has been a warm 22 degrees, but very cloudy and windy. i went outside nonetheless, for a lovely walk to 3 ponds, where i saw ducks, baby duckies, squirrels, and even swans!

i've also been busy trying to rally the troops within the transgender community of Newfoundland, to raise concern towards our Government's decision to exclude us from their new Human Rights Act.

Well, it is Discovery Day in Newfoundland tomorrow, so i will look forward to a holiday, where i will hopefully get in another decent middle-distanced run.


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