Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 13, 2010 - decent long run

well, i've managed to squeeze in a couple of weekend long runs in a row, salvaging something positive out of the past 2 weeks which featured no weekday running, due to foot pain from my new physical labour job duties. 39k last sunday & a total of 43.2k this weekend, spanned
over 48 hours. these runs have actually been really good. maybe there is still hope!

the weather today was cold and foggy, which was great for running. i decided to give it an extra kick and see how it went. i managed to run a strong 12.1k in 68 minutes. then i had a break to refuel, then i was back out there running hard again. i hit the 21.1k mark at 2.03.23, which represents my best half marathon split since last september, when i ran an even 2 hours on the first half of the Newfoundland provincial marathon. i finished up at 27.2k in 2.41.23. i ran the entire 15.1k second set without a gatorade break, so i was slightly dehydrated, but managed to run strong. i decided to pack it in, rather than do a third set.

well, i may not run again until friday, but at least there is a long weekend ahead, so i am hoping to run 4 days in a row, including what i hope will be an even stronger 30k run in there on the sunday or monday.


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