Sunday, April 4, 2010

April 3, 2010 - Meow!!

wow, another great weather day here. 12 degrees and sunny. even after a marathon yesterday, i found out that the pool was closed today for maintenance so i decided to make it another running day.. i managed to run 11k and walk 11k. i had a run down to quidi vidi lake and visited the goose with some bird seed. then i ended up at the animal shelter, where i visited with the cats for a while. i submitted the paperwork to adopt a cat so hopefully they will review the application quickly and i can get a cat selected by the end of the month. i am really excited about having a cat. i've thought about it for a while and feel it would be a commitment that i am willing to take on, as i really want to have a fluffy friend at home at all times to cheer me up.

well, it's supposed to go back to cold temps for easter sunday so i will have to put the running skirt away again for a while.


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