Friday, April 2, 2010

April 2, 2010 - good friday morning

wow, it's been a crazy busy week, but a good week. i was out late 3 nights in a row, which was a real test for my strength. 2 really good concerts from canadian folk legend Gord Lightfoot. He's 71 and his voice is scratchy, but he can still play the guitar well and his backing band is really smooth and solid. his guitar player and bass player have been along his side for 40 and 41 years respectively now!

then on March 31, it was a very special evening as i made my debut appearance at the St John's Arts and Culture Centre as a performer! No, i wasn't singing in the big theatre. I was speaking at a health care panel discussion in one of their basement theatre rooms. I and 3 other local LGBT public figures spoke about experiences and challenges with the health care system. I spoke candidly about the goods and the bads with regards to the care i have or haven't received over the past 3 years that i have lived in Newfoundland.

I specifically took aim at our provincial government politicians and policy makers who refuse to ensure that transsexuals have equal and fair access to the care that their doctors say that they need. Our government's public health insurance plan only covers a small hand of procedures that trans people need, and in order to get access to the funding, transpeople have to travel to the notorious Cam-H in toronto, a place that is well known for deviating from global best practices with regards to assessment protocols.

i also took aim at some of our local so-called health care experts who although want to be perceived as helping move trans health care in the right direction, are avoiding taking steps to deal with what i feel are the key issues. I hope to have my speech posted on line in the near future, as it was both audio and video recorded.

anyway, i had a really good sleep in today and i am looking forward to getting outside this afternoon in the warm spring weather for what i hope will be a decent long run!


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