Friday, April 2, 2010

April 2, 2010 - great friday evening!!!!

Wow, a lovely afternoon and an awesome test run today. 42.2k in 4.38.01 with quarter splits of 65, 65, 68, 80 minutes. i slowed down in the end on purpose as this was just a training run as i am hoping to either hit the pool or go for another decent run tomorrow! a great confidence booster with just 17 days til Boston!

the temps hit 15 this afternoon in st. john's, which is insane for early April. we are used to seeing snow right up until the end of April! there were even some flower bulbs starting to pop out of the hill on Allandale Road! the birds were out chirping, the duckies were swimming and quacking at the pond, and there were even some squirrels out in the trees! so much fun to have a spring-like day!

looking forward to a relaxing evening and hopefully another good sleep. i think i will plan to visit the cats at the animal shelter tomorrow and spend some quality time with the duckies too! it felt sad running by them so many times without stopping today on my runs..


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