Monday, June 2, 2014

McCreath won't run in 2015 NL Provincial Election

After doing some soul searching, and after paying close attention to the policies and operational procedures of all three major provincial political parties here in NL, I have officially decided not to join any of them or work on any campaigns for any of them. I have also decided not to run as an independent candidate, so I am officially announcing that you will not see my name on this ballot.

Furthermore, I am extremely disgusted with the state of provincial politics in today's world. I'd be ashamed to be associated with any of the folks leading any of these parties. I also feel sorry for the good citizens of Newfoundland who will have nothing but scraps to chose from in the next election. This is a Province in a tailspin to a not-so-pretty- place.

As far as what my futures does actually hold, there will be another announcement soon.

Jennifer McCreath


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Julie Pelletier said...

I sure hope you have other projects and they do go well for you.