Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jennifer McCreath Bio: November 2013

McCreath is a woman born transsexual, who is best-known for parlaying her trans status with her athletic legacy as a marathon runner, her political activism, and her flamboyant personality, into public educational and advocacy work regarding issues affecting trans individuals.

McCreath quickly became a public figure in Newfoundland when she made mainstream news, first, for being a transsexual government policy analyst, and then, for being a transsexual policy analyst who suddenly lost what was supposedly a safe and secure job, in 2009. Ever since, McCreath has been on a mission to make this world a more accepting place for members of the trans community. She is perhaps best known for her unsuccessful political run for a seat on St. John’s City Council, when she finished runner up in the race for Deputy Mayor. Even in loss, her 17% popular vote made her the most-popular trans-identified candidate in Canadian Political History.

McCreath successfully played a key role in helping to break down the gender binary barriers, in international sports, when she penned and helped implement a gender-inclusion policy that allowed for the sanctioning of trans athletes into their own sex category, at the 2009 World Outgames in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she participated.

McCreath continues to work on an ongoing battle with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, to get them to provide funding for trans-related procedures that are deemed medically-necessary by Newfoundland doctors.

McCreath has provided policy advice to a variety of government and non-profit organizations. She has appeared on mainstream provincial and national media outlets, to speak on issues including transsexualism,information access and privacy, human rights, athletics, health care, assisted reproduction, sexual health, air transport safety, and government transparency & accountability. She has also delivered university lectures on these topics, as well as been featured as a keynote speaker at major conferences. She has also been profiled numerously in biographical television and newspaper programs.McCreath lays claim to being one of the few openly-trans individuals in the world, to have founded and managed, a legally-registered non-profit gay-pride organization, in a major city. She has also launched several grassroots trans-specific advocacy and support groups.McCreath is a frequent newspaper journalist and video and text blogger.


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