Thursday, February 6, 2014

My thoughts on Politicians raising Gay flags regarding Sochi Olympics

Here's a comment I submitted to a recent web news article regarding the rainbow flag raising event, by politicians, at St. John's City Hall....

"First of all, I'm trans and lesbian. Secondly, I think this event is being done for the wrong reasons. The people being forgotten here are all the LGBT athletes who have been shunned by their countries, including Canada. secondly, while it is upsetting that Russia has created anti-gay laws, I don't want to blame the Canadian athletes or call on them to boycott. they all deserve to be at the Olympics and I am sure none of them had a say in where the Olympics would be held. Secondly, I think the City of St. John's needs to do a better job demonstrating their commitment to making this city safe from discrimination and free from oppression. Raising a flag does not do anything to add value to my life. Unless this event is going to focus on LGBT athletes, then I think it is out of bounds and reeks of political opportunism."

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