Thursday, February 6, 2014

McCreath to boycott Olympic Gay Flag Events, Says unfair to take attention off athletes

I am a lesbian and I feel badly about the anti-gay laws in Russia, but I have decided to boycott the rainbow flag raising events at St. John's City Hall and Confederation Building today.  There is a time and place to do gay rights activism work, and I don't think this is appropriate timing.   These events, which will likely feature speaches from heterosexual politicians, and members of the gay community who are not athletes, are only being done to further their own political agendas..

The Olympics is a time to focus on and feature the athletes. Rather than go to these gay flag events, I am going to kick back and relax in front of the TV and cheer on the many Canadian athletes that I love and respect so much. It is not fair for anyone to take the attention away from them....

Sorry politicians, and sorry St. John's gay community (who for the most part, have been very cruel to me and other trans people), you won't get me as a political pawn, and shame on you all for exploiting this situation,.

I didn't chose to be a lesbian but i did chose to be an athlete - a darn good marathonner, at one point. My preference and priority and loyalty here has to go with the athletes. Raise a Sidney Crosby flag, and i'd be there!

Jennifer McCreath
2009 World Outgames Double Gold Medal Winner
Marathon Runner and Swimmer
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