Monday, January 13, 2014

Trying to Put it Into Words - Why I Need to Move on...

This just came out of nowhere tonight as I was responding to facebook queries. I felt it was worth blogging directly, word for word......'s not so much about people liking me.. it's a matter of my failure to find a place in society in terms of a rewarding and fulfilling employment career path... although, in addition, my failure to realize social and romantic success is also part of the equation that has lead me to make this decision. I need to be in a big Metro city in order to maximize my success..  While I don't believe people hold individual discriminatory feelings towards me, there is definitely second degree transphobia in a sense that folks are afraid to get to close to me, work with me, hire me, etc, out of fear for what others will think......   I lost the job that brought me here back in March 2009, and have failed at over 100 job interviews since then......  I've also never truly been happy here.....  I need to get out and explore the rest of the world.

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