Friday, January 10, 2014

Bowl Results, McCreath Polls!

Ok, yikes! So I never got around to posting my spread pics. Oh well, honestly, they weren't that great!  I ended up 19-16 with my Pick Ems and 16-19 against the spread - proving that spending 100s of hours watching the games won't necessarily make you a more accurate picker! lol  Oh well, it was a fun bowl season. I am also glad that this silly BCS system is now finished! Looking forward to the playoff system next season, that has been long overdue!

And since were at it, we've all seen the rankings of the Coaches Poll and Associated Press Poll, but here's my final power rankings

1 Florida State
2 Michigan State
3 Central Florida
4 Auburn
5 Missouri
6 South Carolina
7 Oklahoma
8 Oregon
9 Alabama
10 Clemson
11 Ohio State
12 Louisville
13 Baylor
14 Stanford
15 LSU
17 Oklahoma State
18 Duke
19 Southern Cal
20 Texas A&M
21 Vanderbilt
22 Arizona State
23 Wisconsin
24 Nebraska
25 Miami, FL
26 Notre Dame

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