Thursday, January 23, 2014

CBC NL posts Transphobic comments! Censor's McCreath's response! 1/23/14

The following dialogue appeared on a story about Municipal politicians' fund raising declarations...

Betterthanyou: Ron Ellsworth didn't have to raise a penny if he didn't want to...anyone could have beaten that dude Jennifer!!!

Betterthanyou: Perhaps...but it's true. I could beat Jennifer in an election with just the slogan "I'm not him!!!"

WalterHarding: What happened to the CBC post guidelines ? That's a disgusting, offensive and untrue statement.

Betterthanyou: Funny thing is, I never said anything derogatory about the guy at all!!!

HarshTimez: I know its like guys from the mainland like jennifer take things so serious
then my response, which CBC elected to block:

JenniferNL: real classy folks! and even worse that CBC allowed those transphobic comments to be posted. you all give this province a bad name!

First of all, I recognize that there are going to anonymous trolls out there, but I think there is a responsibility among media entities to monitor their web forums to ensure transphobic comments are not posted. Their decision to allow this stuff to remain, while censoring me, is a major red flag.

Second of all, I'd like to thank Walter Harding for coming to my defense. And I would also like to say shame on the Newfoundland LGB and T communities for turning a blind eye to this.

This further proves my theory that there is still lots more work that needs to be done about trans education and awareness, both in society as a whole, and among the gay/lesbian communities.

It is stuff like this that has lead to my decision to leave this City and move somewhere else that is more accepting of diversity.

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Michelle S. said...

So sorry that you had to be subjected to such disgusting behavior. Then, for CBC to censor your (civil!) response-that makes absolutely no sense. What is going on over there? Good for you for taking the high road! Those nasty buggers were just trying to get your goat. Don't take it to heart. Good to see Walter Harding speaking up as well-it shows his character. Where is everyone else??