Saturday, August 11, 2012

McCreath rescues pregnant Cat 8/11/2012

Well, I had noticed a stray cat loitering around the neighbourhood lately. The other day, I saw her right outside my apartment window. So I decided to go outside and see if I could pet her. It was then that I noticed a bulge in her belly.  She ran away before I was able to catch her.

Well, I saw her again today and decided to head outside with some cat treats and my cage.  Well, I successfully managed to capture her and took her over to the City Humane Services for a medical review. The animal shelter now has her under their care and they will make sure her babies are delivered healthy, and that all of them are nurtured. Eventually babies and mommy cat will be put up for adoption.  The mommy cat will be named Jennifer in my honour. How lovely! hehe. 

For more information on adopting any of these, or any of their other cats, check their website.

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