Sunday, April 8, 2012

April 8, 2012 - running update (yes, really!)

well, it's been a while since i was able to devote an entire post to a single run, but that's what i am going to do today.  it had been an extremely depressing couple of days for me - due to likely a combination of challenging things.  one benefit from that depression was that i was well-rested from essentially lying in bed all friday and saturday.  when i woke up this morning, i just knew i had to set a crazy goal and go after it, in order to help make myself feel better.  the most i had run on any single day, since December, was 6k. So i boldly set out to run over to the pond, the long way (5.3k) without stopping. then hoped i could somehow managed to run at least 0.8k of the way home, to give myself a new record for the year.

i submitted to the fact that my CFL (ankle ligament) would have the final say as to how short or how long the run would be.  i also knew that the back might act up, as i tweaked it, yet again, 8 days ago. so i downed one robaxacet and drank a glass of gatorade and off i went.  the temp was a seasonal high 8 degrees (46 F), so i was able to run outside in shorts for the first time this year.

i went at a slightly slower pace than i knew i could run, simply because i was being extra careful to focus on the running technique i had been taught by the amazing Alex from physio, so i would be less likely to put pressure on the ligament. (yes, it seemed very strange for me as a 30 time marathon finisher to be getting running lessons from anyone, but in this case, i knew it was worth it, and it was!)

4k of flat road was fine, then came the first major hill. this slowed me down to a walk for a short breather, but i regained speed as i hit the top and ran thru the parking lot all the way to kent's pond.  wow, 41 minutes, that was easy! the pond trail still had snow and ice, and there was still a thin sheet of ice covering parts of the pond.  i took a short break to drink a little pond water, then stuck my foot in there as a form of icing. darn, that water was cold!  then a duckie dropped by for a visit and started biting my toes! hehe..

anyway, i was refreshed and revitalized, and started to think about my bigger goal for the day. rather than just run home, i wanted to do some laps around the pond on the softer trail.  i took things one lap at a time, and stopped for breaks after every two laps.  amazingly, my endurance was holding up and the back became less of an issue.. 6,7,8,9,10k... i was still feeling fairly strong. 

as i finished lap 5, i could feel dehydration starting to set in, so i decided it was best to head home.  the last few k were tough, but i managed to finish a 16k run, in a running time of 2 hr 14 min (which was about the same pace i ran September's Newfoundland marathon). 

considering i had not had a decent run in 6 months, had essentially been on the shelf for  6 months, gained 25 pounds in 6 months, and was running on a still very injured ligament, i can't help but feel very pleased with my endurance and the lack of pain i had to deal with.

wow, the marathon career may still be in the coffin, but i'm not so certain now that the lid is entirely shut.  i don't want to read too much into this one run, but it certainly is encouraging..  definitely something to cheer me up after a miserable couple of days!  an Easter to remember for sure!



Charis Maloy said...

YAY I am so proud of you! Good job letting your passion override your depression!! I am very glad to know that your ankle is healing!

Now how on Earth do I follow your blog?? Keep having to hunt for it!!

Jennifer McCreath said...

thanks! it's been tough dealing with the ups and downs of this injury.. hmm, not sure how to follow. there must be a link to click somewhere! u can also follow me on as i tweet out every new blog post