Monday, April 23, 2012

April 22, 2012 - summery weekend!

ok, new blog format on here. let's see what this looks like. anyway we had 17 degree weather and sun all weekend here in st. john's. that's about 17 degrees warmer than usual. instead of jumping up and down on the icy frozen pond, like i did april 20, 2008 - today, i swam in kent's pond! that's actually two swims in 2 days, as well as two  light and slow longer runs. 8.5k yesterday and 10.6k today!  The ankle ligament is still sore, but i have built a strong foundation around it with muscle strengthening work., so it takes less pressure off the injured area. so nice to be running again. now the real challenge - losing weight and building up endurance. i am exactly where i was Jan 1, 2007 when i decided it was time to take up this sport and take it seriously. well, i'm back!!! might not get to a marathon  this year (or ever for that matter) but atl least i am finally out of the house on weekends enjoying the fresh air! how lovely!

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