Saturday, January 14, 2012

Work It is out of work Jan 14/2012

Well, perhaps the worst television show in world history has been put out of its misery after just two episodes. ABC was harshly critisized for trailers for sit-com Work It which depicted two men dressing as women in a mockery, in a ficticious world where women ruled the work force.  while trans communities expressed the most concern leading up to the launch, the pilot episode featured content which offended women in general, as well as a reference to Pueto Ricans being drug dealers. 

Hopefully the outrage and poor ratings will send a message to the entire entertainment industry, that this is 2012 an it is no longer socially acceptable to mock women, racial minorities, or trans people.

thanks and congrats to all advocates who stepped up to the plate and put pressure on ABC to pull the plug.

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