Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jan 14, 2012 - Shameful Tennessee

yes folks, this is 2012. not 1950. but in recent months, the state of Tennessee has turned  back the clock. first, they implimented a bill that made it against the law to use the word 'gay' in schools. Then they created a bill that essentially made bullying legal, if the target of the bully was LGBT people.

Furthermore, they refuse to allow transpeople to have their birth certificate modified, even if they have full sex reassignment surgery.  Yet, when Andrea Jones, a transwoman who is legally recognized as a male, was charged with public indecency and incarcerated for three weeks for baring her chest.

 Now, a Republican politician named Richard Floyd, has introduced a 'bathroom bill' that would obligate people to use public accomodates on the basis of birth certificate sex.  what this guy doesn't realize is that while he may keep transwomen out of women's washrooms, he is putting transmen in them! What he obviously isn't aware, is that testosterone makes transmen very passible in a very short period of time. in 3 months, most transmen attain deep voices, muscular physiques, and facial hair. females who are now completely passable as men will be in these women's washrooms. and this will likely create a problem that never existed before.

if that's not bad enough, Floyd declared war on the trans community by hypothetically threatening physical violence by stating he would 'stomp a mudhole' in any transwoman he happens to meet in a women's bathroom. hmmmm, a bold statement for a 67 year old out-of-shape senior citizen.

it is sad to see a state that has so much history, has a beautiful smoky mountain national park, and has the amazing city of nashville - the home of country music; expose so much hate and bigotry.

c'mon americans. 2012 is election year, and it is time to get with the times and stop voting in people like this! your political reps act as embassadors to the world on your behalf. putting Floyd in office will only serve you harsh global embarassment and critisizm!


kareng said...

Hi Jennifer,
I just finished reading the three-part series of stories on about your transition and your marathon runs.

I of course, went on to this blog page of yours. I am astounded that Canada can even propose, let alone enact a law banning transgender indivivuals from air travel. Is it even constitutional in Canada?

It got me wondering about what would happen if this were to occur in the U.S. Have you or your friend Josie looked into the legality of this law yet?

Again, I greatly admire your tenacity. Continued good luck to you.
Karen Graham

Jennifer McCreath said...

Hi Karen. it is certainly a disgrace that our government is taking this stance, and doing so in such a blunt manner. although gender identity is not covered under our human rights act, there is legal precident indicating that under the grounds of sex, it would be accepted. all it will take is one human rights complaint for this rule to be exposed as illegal.