Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jan 30, 2012 - Transsexual Women and Prometrium - A Testimonial

Ok folks, many doctors are afraid to prescribe P for transwomen because they claim, and perhaps rightly so, that there are no formally-recognized proven studies that indicate that P actually works.  Yes, perhaps, but there are also no formally-recognized proven studies that indicate that P does not work.

P is designed to help with the maturation of breast development in transwomen. in natal females, P levels play a major role in the menstruation cycle.

The most common rule of thumb i have seen suggests that transwomen not start P immediately, but go with just estrogen for a period of 2 years post-op (or post-orchi). if suitable breast development hasn't occurred, then introduce P.  go with Prometrium - which is natural, if you can get your hands on it.. as synthetic provera / microgest has more risk of side affects.

in just 10 months on P (including 3 on synthetic and 7 on natural), i have seen significant maturation of breast development, as they have gone from cone shaped to breast shaped. i have also seen my areolas double in size.  my nipples have only grown slightly.  but the overall mass has grown so much that i literally have stretch marks all over my breasts!

rule of thumb suggests that i should stay on P for 2-3 years, and that should max out what it can do for me.

side affects of P - further challenges of what estrace does - loss of strength, speed, energy, worse metabolism - body weight gain (38 pounds in 10 months). and emotional issues such as masculine-like rage or temper tantrums.

but yes, it does work, at least it did for me!!!


Unknown said...

Jennifer, you commentary on Prometrium is on point. Thanks.


Phoenix said...
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ts stream said...

How long did you stay on Prometrium in the end ? are you still taking it? what were the worst of the side effects?

Jennifer McCreath said...

i stayed on P a total of 3 years. i noticed that after 2.3-2.4 years, it seemed to have diminishing returns.

overall, it did improve my breast maturation.

the only real side affects were additional challenges with strength, energy, metabolism, weight gain....

there could be other consequences down the road, such as the excess work put on the liver and kidneys...

in the end, i have no regrets about P and would recommend it's use among transwomen looking for breast maturation.