Saturday, August 13, 2011

August 12, 2011 - the Teddy Bear Man!

Nothing like a visit to the 34th annual Terry Rielly teddy bears' picnic in St. John's to put you in a good mood. Terry is a local institution for this event that attracts several hundred people.  Terry is a huge advocate for LGBT rights and has taken many steps to help with trans-visibility in society, including n official part of his teddy bear picnic staff - where last year, i tended to 'sick teddys' at the 'teddy bear hospital'. Terry is a singer/songwriter/piano and guitar player, who has traveled around the world to play music. He debuted a new song, that themed on acceptance, earlier this summer at our Pride parade.

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Ainsley said...

Terry Rielly is an amazing human being. Wonderful fun for St. John's. You are fortunate this warm and fuzzy person lives in your province.