Friday, June 24, 2011

June 24, 2011 - snubbed, twice!

Gee, not exactly a great day. first I learn that an article on trans health in Newfoundland, that I worked so keenly on, was cut from Wayves magazine for the second month in a row. even worse, my so-called monthly column and my 'team membership' were not recognized. trying to find out what happened. I still strongly support the organizations work and encourage people to read the July issue.. but you will definitely take note that the content is very focused on Halifax, with a small helping of Moncton.. but nothing in there for Newfoundland, or transsexuals for that matter. not exactly the best way to encourage Newfoundlanders to buy into supporting the product. oh well, I sent off a little e-mail to the editors so it will be interesting to see what they have to say. meanwhile, I won't let folks wait any longer. I will be quickly editing the article tonight and will publish it right here on for the world to see!

speaking of snubbing, I found out that I finished runner up for yet another government of Newfoundland analyst job. heck, they might as well not even bother to run competitions. just make a rubber stamp that says "Jennifer McCreath second place" for every job ad that comes out of that institution.

I have one more interview on July 5, and I am awaiting results of my most recent interview from last week, but I have decided that if I don't get one of these jobs, then i wIll no longer seek further job interviews with this org. 50 strikes and you are out. I will then focus my job search in other directions. it's just not worth the time and emotions to be a sacrificial lamb every time. It's totally sad that the Newfoundland Government won't hire me to do high quality work that I have clearly demonstrated that I can do.

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