Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 16, 2011 - the rest of the week

well, lots on the go this week, that's for sure! it was brought to my attention that the executive of CPATH are in full support of the policy proposal that i took the lead on penning, upon consultation with a working group of trans health professionals and advocates. It is expected that the policy will be voted into corporate law at the upcoming AGM. It is exciting to know that little old me played a key role in making CPATH more accessible to the people who will help impliment its mandate - that being, taking steps to improve health care for transsexuals in Canada.
in other news, i am going to be getting deeply involved with the NDP provincial district association, for the riding of St. John's North. I am going to help put together an AGM, draft upcorporate by-laws, and help oversee the process of getting an executive put in place (of whom i will likely be a member), who will oversee the responsibility of helping the party select and elect the best possible candidate for the riding.
if that's not enough, i continue to work with national executive for PFLAG Canada, as part of a trans education project, that will be geared towards their various Chapter leaders.
finally, significant progress is being made for Pride Week here in St. John's. Many community members and key organizations have engaged the company in working relationships. I have an amazing team of people who are all working very hard to get things done. events are being booked,sponsorships are being secured, venues are being booked, permits and applications are being filled out and submitted, fund raisers are being organized, and media is finally starting to be engaged. to keep up to date, check out
oh, if that's not enough, i have my sites set on launching two more non-profit companies in the very near future. One that will provide peer support and advocacy by and for trans people, and one that will serve as an association of health care patients who will offer peer support and undertake lobbying work to help improve our health care system here in Newfoundland.
meanwhile, the day job continues to help pay the bills. there have been some new faces added to the office lately, which brings a fresh sense of enthusiasm and excitement. we are actually having a rare office social tomorrow - a party at someone's house, so that will be a fun chance to get to know everyone better.
meanwhile, job interviews continue, as i had what i felt was an excellent interview for an information management analyst position with the department of labrador and aboriginal affairs. let's hope this one turns out differently than the previous 40 or so analyst job interviews. there's got to be at least one person out there that is willing to overlook my status as a transsexual and recognize the talent, experience, and potential that i can bring to an organization as an analyst in the field of information management and information protection.
meanwhile, i am really starting to think outside the box here. if i can't get anyone to hire me, then i am really going to look hard for ways to manufacture my own career. whether it be trying to grow the non-profit organizations that i currently play a leadership role with, or whether it be attempting to turn volunteer work into a contract or grant. although working 80-100 hour weeks is taxing on the body, it sure feels great to see things getting accomplished that both help make this world a better place, and help add to my sporgasborg of valuable experiences on my resume.
one final note, i am disappointed to announce that i will be missing out on CPATH's AGM, but it is for a very good cause. the daughter of my best friend, is graduating from elementary school. She has some learning disabilities that have made it extra challenging for her to both excell in academics, and fit in socially. this is a huge milestone success story, and i am honoured that i have been asked to be in attendance for this wonderful occasion.
finally, i have been battling a nasty flu-like bug for 2 weeks. not surprising given how low and vulnurable my immune system must be from all that running i did last month. so i have been resting up, at least in terms of not running much. my knees are definitely thankful for the break!
well, off we go to bed!

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