Saturday, October 9, 2010

October 9, 2010 - lovely fall day!

well, my weekend started out with a really nice strong 13k run from work to home then out to see some friends in Paradise. 7 hours later, (at 3.30 am) i hit the road again and ran home. these were two of the strongest two 9k sets i have run all year! i ran each set in approx 57 minutes, and felt strong all the way through! this even after a busy day at work.

Finally, a decent week to report on. so good that i will break it down:

sun 21.1k
mon 3.0
tue off
wed 9.50thu 14.90
fri 13.00
sat 10.10

hoping to push a little harder and get over 100k in the week ahead. it will start with a long run on sunday morning.

meanwhile, i took some time to visit the infamous local business, Lester's farm, to check out their animals and fresh veggies! here's a few pics:

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