Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 15, 2010 - rest and recovery, and a focused new beginning

wow, quite the busy and stressful week for me. 3 alan jackson concerts, 2 job interviews, and a regular mon-fri week of work at my current job. all adds up to a need to use the weekend for rest and recovery. i had 2 really nice sleep-ins this weekend and didn't really do too much. i had friends over to visit my cats yesterday, which was really fun. i also took walks to the kent's pond both days, and sat in the sun and went for a swim. i also spent some time doing some much-needed cleaning up at home, getting laundry done, bathroom and living room cleaned, etc.

big week ahead as i and 2 colleagues will launch an LGBTQ Community Focus Group that will take on the following mandate:

- We want to create formal organizations that will provide year-round education, advocacy, and social events by and for the LGBTQ community and their stakeholders.

- We want to create an environment where all members of the LGBTQ community will feel welcomed and treated equally.

- We want to reach out to those who have been reluctant to get involved in community events in the past.

- We want to take steps to see that 'Pride week' planning and delivery becomes more transparent, accountable, and inclusive of the entire local LGBTQ community; and that Pride becomes a formally-recognized legal corporate not-for-profit entity.

- We want to reach out to LGBTQ people across the province, country, and planet, to form alliances so that we can work together to deal with common issues, such as health care and human rights.

more details to come on this matter as they become available.



Evelyn said...

its awesome to read blog posts about pride in NL. are you helping out the St. John's pride or the newfoundland gay pride group on FB?

Do you know how to get involved with either of those groups?


Jennifer McCreath said...

Hi Evelyn,

the pride concept in this city and in this province are about to take some major turns. the folks who have been running st john's pride in recent years have not been very open or inclusive to change; nor have they even been running under a formal legal identity.

unfortunately, they have kept me and several others at an arms length, at best. but steps will be taken in the upcoming weeks to legitimize pride, and to bring pride back into control of the LGBT community.

i suspect that both of those facebook sites will be deactivated in the near future and replaced with new ones.

as far as getting involved, my team will be organizing meetings, as well as setting up an online forum, where everyone can get involved, make suggestions, and take actions.. feel free to e-mail me if you have anything particular in mind that you'd like to be a part of.

all the best,

Anonymous said...
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