Friday, November 6, 2015

Jennifer McCreath comes out as Non-Binary Gender Identity!

I might as well state the obvious: While my status as a transsexual from male to female was and will always be binary, gender identity is a completely different matter.

I have some feminine traits, I also have some masculine traits. I also have other traits that could be defined as both or neither. Gender is a social construct - a theory that we all should act the same way based on genitals. Well, I am not like that.

The non-binary movement within the trans community is starting to become oppressed from the rest of the trans community, and I am proud to say that I am a part of both movements, and I look forward to raising both the trans flag and non-binary flag (depicted on this post) in the upcoming years ahead!

This is the internationally-recognized Non-Binary flag, (which is not to be confused with the "genderqueer" flag, which is green, white and purple - a label that is not one I am comfortable with).

Overall, I hate labels, but non-binary best fits where I stand on the 'gender' spectrum. Sex wise, I am a binary transsexual male to female. That's a medical procedure I had in 2011 which was necessary, but it isn't a life event that will define me or be my legacy.

What does this mean for pronouns? Well, I hate pronouns.  I'd prefer feminine pronouns over masculine promouns, but also welcome gender neutral pronouns. Ultimately, I just want to be known as Jennifer McCreath the person!

For more information, here's a lengthy and detailed video I filmed last night to explain more

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