Thursday, September 3, 2015

McCreath Recants Previous Suggestion on Ranked Ballots

After further discussion with representatives from Fair Vote Canada, Strength In Democracy candidate for Avalon, NL, Jennifer McCreath, has recanted her suggestion of having single-elected MPs based on a ranked ballot points system.  She understands that this method still has potential holes and flaws.  She has committed to working with Fair Vote Canada, if elected, to take their three proposed models of electoral reform, to the people of her riding for further consultation.

Jennifer also provided the following to Fair Vote Canada: "I'd like to see electoral reform that will allow elections results that better reflect the will of the electorate while protecting the right of regional representation, and not creating a disadvantage to independent candidates. I'd also like to see a system put in place to allow more free votes in the House so that MPs don't always have to tote the party line on stances that might be disadvantageous to their local ridings."

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