Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Jennifer McCreath supports Electoral Reform

Fair Vote Canada reached out to all Federal candidates today asking for feedback on the current 'first past the post' election system. Strength In Democracy candidate for Avalon, NL, Jennifer McCreath, made it clear that she does NOT support the current system. She would would agree to engage Fair Vote Canada and/or any other citizen-focused organization in consultation regarding change, and she even proposed a new system of change. Jennifer suggested that local candidates should still be specifically elected, but that they be elected based on a voting ranking system, rather than a first past the post concept.

Jennifer proposed that voters assign rankings to all candidates on the ballot, and that they earn points based on amount of 1st place votes, 2nd place votes, 3rd place votes, etc.  She feel this would ensure that the elected representative would have a stronger sense of public confidence. She also feel that a system of this nature would not give an unfair advantage to large parties, small parties, or independent candidates. She says the first past the post system is unfair as majority Governments can exist with less than a majority of support from the electorate, and that this is undemocratic.

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