Thursday, July 16, 2015

Jennifer McCreath to run for Strength In Democracy, in Avalon Riding!

For Immediate Release:

What started as a Quebec-specific movement, is becoming Canada's fastest-growing national political party. Strength In Democracy was conceptualized in 2014 by two MPs who felt their hands were tied too tightly by party leadership to the point that they were unable to adequately represent their constituents. Last month, they announced an Ontario candidate, and today, well-known Newfoundland grass-roots political activist, and former Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) provincial public servant, Jennifer McCreath, is announcing her plans to run for the party in the NL riding of Avalon.

McCreath stated she is running for Strength In Democracy because many voters are tired of mainstream party politics.  "Strength In Democracy members share the vision of improving our regions by empowering citizens through direct representation. Their issues and concerns are not unique to Quebec, but exist among citizens nation-wide," said McCreath.

With regards to why Avalon specifically, McCreath takes note of the concern that many NL citizens have expressed regarding interference by two of the three major party headquarters in that riding, "People are fed up with interference. They do not want to vote for a puppet.  A vote for a Strength In Democracy candidate is a vote for direct citizen access and direct impact in Ottawa. " said McCreath.

A native Nova Scotian who lived most of her life in Ontario, Jennifer moved to NL in 2007 to accept a job as a senior policy analyst with the Provincial Government. She lost that job shortly after she transitioned from male to female.  Jennifer holds a Bachelor Degree from Athabasca University and a Diploma from Humber College. She ran unsuccessfully in the 2013 St. John's municipal election.

Jean-Francois Larose, the MP for Repentigny, Que. who co-founded Strength In Democracy, says McCreath is "precisely the type of candidate our party is looking for. Jennifer genuinely understands the importance of local and regional participatory democracy that appears lacking in the Avalon region of NL."

McCreath is currently working on a new web site specifically for her campaign. The link will be posted on as soon as it is ready.

Questions or Interviews:

Jennifer McCreath
Candidate - Avalon - Strength In Democracy
Twitter: @jenn_mccreath
Phone: 709-753-9529

Jean-Francois Larose
MP - Repentigny - Strength In Democracy
Twitter: @jflarose
Phone: 450-581-3896

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