Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Jennifer McCreath joins Strength in Democracy!

After three years as a federal politically-neutral citizen, I have decided to sign up and become an official card-holding member of the new political party known as Strength In Democracy.

Three years ago, I resigned all political memberships in an effort to have an unbias and open discussion with all three major political parties, regarding the various issues I represent and advocate for. Well, three years later, I have determined that neither the PCs, Libs, or NDP represents what I stand for.

I feel that all three of these parties are too focused on power, greed, and winning elections, that they will overlook or throw under the bus, many of the very citizens that they claim to represent. I also feel that these political parties have put too much emphasis on the party as a whole and essentially muzzle and tie the hands of of their MPs. MPs do not have the true authority or autonomy to represent the best interests of their constituents.  Well, the newly-launched federal political party known as Forces et Democratie (aka Strength in Democracy) brings a much-needed solution to these problems.

The following summarizes my understanding of the values, visions, and goals of Strength in Democracy, that really impress me:

- MPs will have the authority and autonomy to bring various issues to caucus and will have the power and freedom to speak openly about issues and solutions that affect their constituents, without facing fear of going 'against the party line'.

- This party will not be branded as left-wing, right-wing, or centre. Instead, it will be a sliding scale spectrum that allows for leverage to take various stances, depending on the issues, as presented to MPs by their constituents.

- Debates and discussions within the party caucus will be encouraged, rather than feared.

- Party members will be encouraged to work in collaboration and cooperation with politicians of other parties. Members will also be encouraged to collaborate with representatives of any political party, regardless of whether they have elected representatives in the House or not.

- Each party member will be solely focused on building and growing their riding, rather than worrying about national party branding or platforms.

- A party where there will be no party line, but rather a common goal: the well-being of people in all regions and ensuring the vitality of all regions as an equal part of Canada.

- A party that will stimulate youth engagement and all those who love and believe in the potential of their region by promoting more participatory democracy and greater participation by the citizens in decisions that affect them. A party that will treat all people equally, regardless of their demographics.

- A party that will fight to demonstrate their willingness to have meaningful citizen engagement, and one that will fight the voter apathy that continues to plague the country.

- A party that will operate with full transparency and accountability and will respect the various rules and regulations that oversee how politicians and political parties operate.

Sound like some refreshing new ideas?? Yes, I think so!

Well, I decided to get in touch with party officials and I had a lengthy telephone call with two representatives this week so far, including sitting MP Jean Francois Larose.

I am excited to report that not only does Stength in Democracy welcome my application to join their party, but  we are in the process of putting together a part-time volunteer role that will allow me the opportunity to oversee the development and management of the Strength in Democracy brand here in Newfoundland and Labrador!  So in the coming weeks, you can expect to read something official from the party. Meanwhile, my work begins immediately, and I am very very excited!

....and yes, there is a strong possibility that I will offer myself up as a candidate in the next Federal Election. But ultimately, I am committed to helping the party find the best possible seven candidates for the seven ridings in Newfoundland and Labrador, regardless of whether I end up being one of the seven or not.

So in closing, I'll put the call out to anyone reading this: do you like what you see? If so, let's chat about how we can all work together to create strong positive change in political culture and among attitudes of voters. Let's work together to build this great new party! There will definitely be more posts here on my blog in the near future, as I anticipate starting to put together some public stakeholder engagement meetings in the very near future.

Jennifer McCreath

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