Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Newfoundland Transgender Activists to visit Fredericton Pride and Host Protest!


Newfoundland Transgender Activists to visit Fredericton Pride and Host Trans Rights Demonstration!

Transwoman and trans rights activist, Jennifer McCreath from Newfoundland, will be visiting Fredericton NB on Sunday August 10 to march in the Fredericton Pride parade, and to host a trans rights demonstration (aka peaceful protest) to raise awareness to the fact that the Government of New Brunswick has the worst record in the country, in terms of providing products and services to members of the trans community.

Jennifer is best-known for parlaying her trans status with her athletic legacy as a marathon runner, her political activism, and her flamboyant personality; into public educational and advocacy work regarding issues affecting transgender, transsexual, panssexual, and intersexed individuals. McCreath is in the early stages of launching her own Jennifer McCreath Foundation, an organization that will carry out educational, activist, and peer support work for members of the trans communities all over Canada, with a core focus on Eastern Canada.

McCreath realizes that trans people in the 4 eastern provinces of Canada, are at a significant disadvantage, compared to trans people elsewhere, given the current states of Government trans health policies, trans legal identification document issues, as well as general societal attitudes towards trans people in terms of employment, housing, physical safety, bullying, and general social acceptance.  McCreath points out that New Brunswick is one of only two provinces that do not offer funding for medically-necessary trans procedures. New Brunswick and Quebec are the only provinces east of Saskatchewan, that do not officer explicit protection for trans people in their provincial human rights codes. New Brunswick is also one of the provinces that does not allow government ID documents to have the sex changed, unless transsexual surgeries are performed, a matter that was recently declared a human rights violation in the province of Ontario.

McCreath is deep into her pre-launch tour of her Jennifer McCreath Foundation, a tour which saw several successful events last month during PEI Pride in Summerside and Charlottetown, including a well-attended and well-covered trans rights demonstration and march event, that took place in front of the PEI Provincial Legislature.

McCreath's New Brunswick tour starts with a trans round table event Saturday Night at 7.30 in Dieppe. Then carries on with a sunrise rainbow and trans flag waving event Sunday morning in Oromocto, the proceeds with a networking breakfast in Fredericton, followed by the Trans Rights Demo and March in front of the New Brunswick Legislature at 9.30 am.  McCreath will wrap up her day by leading a trans contingency in the Fredericton Pride parade.

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