Sunday, August 24, 2014

Gleason & Brigance - ALS inspirations!

As the world seems busy dumping ice buckets on each other, I wanted to take a closer look at two ALS inspirations. Steve Gleason and O.J. Brigance played in the NFL for many years, and had to retire early, due to ALS. While they are both now confined to a wheelchair and have to use a computer to speak, through retina eye scanning, they are still making huge impacts in society as role models, motivational speakers, and as activists who are both leading charity organizations to raise funding for medical research for ALS.  For More information, see their websites and photos below......  I have also created a video in which I speak a little bit about the disease, as well as find a friend to nominate me to take on the challenge, of not only water buckets, but activism for this cause as well.

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