Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12, 2011 - excellent weekend

well, i had a mixture of resting and running! saturday morning, i was responsible for hosting our weekly front runners event, so i dragged my butt out of bed and ran down to quidi vidi lake (a very painful 5k). then i waited and waited and nobody showed up! so i decided to cancel the lap around the lake and run up and down signal hill and back, which i did!  then ran home for good measure. a very slow and painful 14k, but i hit my goal of running 14k for the first time since early july.

that was enough to wear me out for the day.  after a good sleep, i was up sunday late morning and ready for more! so did a slightly stronger 13k, took a break, then ran another 8.1k - giving me a half marathon. then i jumped in the pond to cool off for good measure!  for more details about my running weekend, check out my latest vlog post on youtube


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