Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sept 24, 2011 - history in the making?

well, it is that time of the year again! yes it's the third oldest marathon in north america - and the 12th oldest one in the world: the newfoundland provincial marathon. the 60th running of this great event, and my 5th consecutive one (placing me fairly high up on the list of active participant streaks).  it's no secret that i have been dealing with a bad knee, and because of this, have seen my health and fitness levels fall to about as low as they can get; however, i have had a really good week of prep - focusing mostly on rest, and getting in a few light training runs.

my fellow marathon maniac alexis is in town from NYC for this one - he will run his 21st marathon of the year - and is well over 100 in his career. he is actually a fast-walker, who will likely finish this marathon, while walking, at least an hour faster than i will run it. 

i also had a chance to  chat with newfoundland running legend joe ryan - who is in the process of documenting the history of this race in a book. joe won the 1969 Tely 10 mile road race - eastern canada's biggest annual running event. he's also run 51 career marathons to date, including 24 newfoundland marathons. if that is not enough inspiration to get out and run, then you better check your pulse!

here's a video vlog of me rambling on about tomorrow's big race:

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