Monday, July 15, 2019

My take on 2019 St. John's Pride

Well, I stayed away from the Pride Parade in St. John's for 6 years in a row now. it's unfortunate that I don't feel welcome or comfortable to attend with so many people in high places in pride who for whatever reason, hate me and try to discredit, and even white-wash, all the trail-blazing i did as a trans pioneer who not only brought the T together with the LGBs.

But history will show that my decision to incorporate Pride into a non-profit entity and open the doors for sponsors, proved to be a great move, and I take great joy and pleasure in seeing the continued growth of St. John's Pride Inc, as it has grown exactly as I had hoped it would, when I created it in 2010, ran a very successful 2011 Pride week with ground-breaking new sponsors, and declared my mission complete when i handed the reigns over to a very capable ops team in 2012 when i resigned.

Finally, I think the best news of all today, though, is that the parade event appeared to go smoothly and there were no interruptions by any of the hate groups that plagued pride events in Toronto and Hamilton last month. so overall, a great day for our city and province!

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