Monday, March 5, 2018

NL Trans Issues Still Low Priority for Gays?

It's no secret that the media has exploited the gay community and sensationalized the gay community all thru the 60s 70s 80s 90s. It wasn't until the early 2000s that it became politically incorrect to sensationalize gay issues. At the same time, members of the NL trans community have continued to suffer exploitation and sensationalization in the media, even today in 2018.

As this gay/trans/queer/umbrella community refocuses on asking for apologize for 1990s issues, what about the trans people who are still suffering today? Who is looking out for their best interests? Who is going to continue the fight to eliminate the unnecessary and discriminatory CAMH monopoly for access to NL trans health funding? Who is going to fight the chronic underemployment and unemployment that trans people in NL still face today? Are gay or "LGBTQ umbrella" Organizations, such as St. John's Pride, or Pflag NL, the right groups to lead this charge? Or do we need a trans-specific group to step up to the plate and make this work a top priority? #nlpoli

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Jenna said...

Looking at the comments on articles at places like PinkNews, you get the feeling that LGB people don't want trans people associated with them, that they think that working towards trans rights is detrimental to what they have already gained.
Some of them seem to forget that trans people can also be LGB and so by trying to separate from trans people their hurting people like themselves but also helping to support a hierarchy where hetero cisgender people are at the top, then come cisgender LGB people and finally at the bottom trans people regardless of their sexual orientation.
Perhaps we do need organisations that are trans specific leading our fight for our rights but we need those organisations to come together in strength.
And when they do, and when we start seeing our right to exist and not be discriminated against become the norm, it will be interesting how those that wanted to cut us loose react when there is a pushback against their rights, will they come crying to the trans community asking for help and unity, and what will be the reception they get.

I think the people that trans issues are a low priority for are a minority. Some of the issues we face are ones that once resolved will help the rest of the LGB community but what we have to do is to lead on resolving these issues. Something we are seeing happening with the increased numbers of trans people running for and being elected to public office.