Monday, August 10, 2015

Jennifer McCreath wants "Progressive" conservative votes in Avalon, NL!

Strength In Democracy candidate for the riding of Avalon, NL, Jennifer McCreath posted a passionate speech on her Youtube site today. Jennifer has asked for "progressive" conservative voters to jump on board her "Marathon To Democracy" tour.

After introducing herself in the video, she takes people back in time to the glory days of the early 1990s - the days when the Progressive Conservative Party existed and lead Canada's Government. She reminds the viewers of two great Canadians who served in the Cabinet: The Honourable John Crosbie, Minister of Fisheries, and the Honourable Peter McCreath, Minister of Veteran's Affairs.

Jennifer then fast-forwards back to today, when she takes note that the Harper conservatives are nothing like the Progressive Conservatives. She notes that Harper has not only stuck his nose into the business of local riding association reps who recommended that Ches Crosbie run for the party, but took note that similar interference has taken place elsewhere. Jennifer pleas with the voters to not plug their nose and "vote for which ever puppet Stephen Harper decides to run as a candidate".

Jenn also takes note that she is well aware of the concerns many people have for the Liberals and NDP parties.  She specifically reminds people of the corruption scandals we say during Liberal Government eras, such as the sponsorship scandal.  She also takes note that Justin Trudeau has been sending mixed messages, depending on which audience he has been talking to as of late.  Jenn also takes note that the Liberals on one hand, claim to be open to the point where they would allow anybody to vote in their leadership race, yet they kick two sitting MPs out of caucus over allegations before they had a fair trial. Jenn says Trudeau is "confused" and that the Liberals might "not even know who they are or what they stand for".

Jennifer also makes note of how Thomas Mulcair has made promises to write cheques that McCreath does not think he can cash.  She raises concern how the NDP appear interested in helping "the little guys" but from McCreath's perspective, they only care about people with "big wallets who work for unions and rich lawyers".  Jennifer also reminds viewers of the time Thomas made an endorsement for the 2013 mayoral race of St. John's, long before a campaign had started and long before his endorsed person had made any mention of being even interested in taking the job. McCreath says "Mulcair is just like Harper and Trudeau" in terms of their similarities for interfering in local NL issues.

McCreath says that while it may be too late to send a Crosbie back to Ottawa, it is "darn sure not too late to send a McCreath back to Ottawa."  Jennifer even goes so far to say that she doesn't think Stephen Harper knows "anything about democracy" and that he "sucks". She also insinuates that Justin Trudeau is "confused", and ironically, that the NDP are "not ready" given that they won't even have an Avalon candidate in place until later this month.

Jennifer also took note than none of these leaders mentioned the province of NL during the recent MacLeans Magazine debate, nor talked about NL issues.  McCreath then goes on to announce her Marathon To Democracy tour, in which she will campaign as a candidate for upstart Strength In Democracy party - a party she says has "no party line" and one that will "not muzzle her". She says her role will be to bring the constituents voice directly to Ottawa. She will bring their issues and their solutions, directly to the table.  She also points out that it was a Strength In Democracy candidate, party leader, Jean Francois Fortin, who was the very first person to file nomination papers with Elections Canada, stating that her party is indeed "ready" to bring democracy back to Canadian politics.

Finally, McCreath invites viewers to follow her campaign on her revamped web site

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