Saturday, March 21, 2015

NB PhD Student seeks trans NL, NS, PEI, and NBers for research!

NB PhD Student looking for trans folks in NL, NS, PEI, and NB for a research study... contact me or Gloria directly....

I am a PhD graduate student at the University of New Brunswick and am writing to invite you to persons who identify as transgender. This project is the first of its kind in Atlantic Canada. I invite you to be part of an exciting project that will highlight the unheard trans experience here in the Maritimes.

The first phase of the research invites participants to photograph and document your daily lived experience as a transgender person. Initially, participants will be asked to attend an information session where the method of Photovoice will be explained and the project will be outlined. I will ask interested participants to photograph aspects of their daily experience as a transgender person. This is an opportunity to explore what you would like to say and show visually from your perspective as an act against typically voyeuristic and sensationalized accounts of transgender life. This is a photovoice project; I am interested in your voice, your photos and what you have to say about them.

The second phase of the research invites the participants to select photographs to discuss with the facilitator of the research project in a focus group. This phase seeks to further understanding of the issues raised by contextualizing the images with personal narrative. I will also invite those interested to participate in a face to face interview to elaborate on certain themes and discussion topics.

There will be an optional invitation to be part of a public display of images after completion of the research project.

Photovoice is a research method that maintains full collaboration between participant and researcher seeking mutual knowledge sharing and social change. Photovoice has three main goals: to enable people to record and reflect their communities strengths and concerns, to promote critical dialogue and knowledge about personal and community issues through large and small group discussion of their photographs and to reach policy makers to effect social change.

Invitation to partake in this study is voluntary. The information gathered in this study will remain confidential and all efforts will be made to ensure your privacy. All participants will receive copies of their photographs and a summary of the Photovoice project when this project is finalized. Thank you in advance for your participation.

Gloria Nickerson (506) 643- 0820

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