Friday, October 3, 2014

McCreath accused of giving questionable mugging advice!

Wow, someone I don't even know is accusing me of giving them questionable advice about how to handle being a victim of crime. For the record, I have never spoken with this person, Katie Loft, nor was I ever made aware that she had apparently been mugged. Additionally, this is certainly advice that I would never give, nor have ever given.

Sadly, this appears to be a retaliatory cheap shot at me for voicing my concerns over the infamous lesbian wedding article in Wednesday's Telegram newspaper. Upon further investigation, it appears Loft is acquainted with said couple.

Finally, if Loft continues with these type of false accusations, she is going to find herself being sued in civil court. If any of you reading this happen to be friends with Loft, you may wish to adviser her to cease and desist.

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